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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Bucket List 2011

Memorial Day Weekend brought lots of thing:  BBQ, new and old friends, sunny days, lost shoes, dog baths, water fun, Popsicles and broken AC just to name a few .  But the most important of all is the official start to summer!  A friend has done a bucket list with her girls for a couple summers and I thought it was a great idea and decided to do one of our own.
1. Cardinals game
2. Swim lessons
3. Zoo
4. Grants Farm
5. Visit a new state
6.  Butterfly House
7. Botanical Gardens
8.  Find the ice cream truck
9. Pick Fruit
10. No TV during the day time for one week
11. Orange Leaf
12-14.  Take dad to 3 of our favorite parks
12. Boulevard Park
13. Indian Camp Creek
15-17.  Go to 3 new parks
15.  Rabbit Run Park
16. Lemay Park                                                                                                                                              17. Brookmount Park
18.  Picnic lunch w/ dad
19.  Go to a parade
20.  Finger paint
21.  Transportation Museum
22.  Enjoy a snow cone
23.  Attend a carnival
24. Go to Fritz’s
25.  Help dad wash car

I made my list a few months ago so the first three we have already done.

1.  Jackson's 1st Cardinals game

2.  Swim lessons w/ dad

3.  Zoo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Knew?

Curtains could be so much fun!

They are only little once, so why not?

Today we headed to Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum with our play group.  This was Jackson's third visit but the first time he has walking really good/ running!  It was by far our best visit so far.  We started out in the Little Bit of Magic area where Jackson enjoyed looking into the mouse house as we waited for the Waterworks to open.  Surprisingly Jackson was not interested in playing at the giant water table which has always been his favorite.  But he made up for it later!  We then checked out baby and me area playing in the kitchen, ball pit, and more.  Next up we ventured out to the special exhibit right now Sand Castle Beach.  I have to say I may have skipped this if a friend hadn't suggested it especially since Jackson was wearing jeans today.  But instead we
did a quick wardrobe change and into the sand we went.

Next we headed to lunch, changed back into his jeans and checked out a few more things back inside with our friends.

We finished up the day in the outdoor garden.  I took off Jackson's socks and shoes as well as rolled up his pant legs to let him walk around in the water.  But he had other ideas!  Once again I might have skipped this activity to avoid the result but I am so glad we didn't.   He had a blast and I love creating all of these fun memories with my little man!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Books, Books, Books

There are many obsessions in life that are not healthy however I do not think books are one of them.  Books are Jacksons current obsession and I have to say I love it!  I love finding my little man sitting quietly in his room flipping through one of his favorite books even if they are not always right side up.  Or hear him running down the hall to find him with a book held high for me to read to him.  We have gone to the library regularly since he was three months old for many story times as well as reading lots of books at home.  We go to the library often and come with many books each time usually that Jackson has picked out himself.  We enjoy many Usborne books, Eric Carle, Dr. Suess and more.  Jackson's favorites right now are Sandra Boynton books Pajama Time, Doggies, & Moo Baa La La La are at the top of the list.  So we are on a mission for the summer to see how many Sandra Boynton books we can collect.  We have three so far finding some great deals at garage sales and hoping to find more!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun in the sun

 This week Jackson had a play date with a few of his friends and got to experience a fun summer first SAND!  It took him a little while at first he wasn't quite sure what to think.  With a little encouragement he dug right in.  Soon he was chucking shovel fulls of sand into the yard.  This being one of the reasons I have no intentions myself to own a sand box.   Soon followed by taking a shovel of sand and adding it to the water table.  This being another reason I have no interest in owning a sand box.  I also have to say though big thanks to our friends who let us come try theirs out.  Too bad we don't have a beach vacation planned this summer!  Jackson also enjoyed playing in the water table which is one of his favorite past times.  He even thought his hat needed washed in the water table!  And of course there was lots of snack eating.

Rain or Shine

Today we headed to Thierbach Orchards & Berry Farms in Marthasville for strawberry picking with our play group.   We headed out early hoping to miss the incoming rain.   Fifteen minutes into our thirty minute drive it started to rain.  At this point I was not turning around we were getting our strawberries rain or shine!  We got to the strawberry patch and waited a bit under the tent for the rain to lighten up.  Then we put on our hoods got our baskets and headed to the patch.  Jackson held his
basket very tightly as I added strawberries.  He did take a bite of one and quickly spit it back out.  He is not really into strawberries right now.   All in all I am glad we went even though half the strawberries we made it home with are a little smooshed from Jackson.  Can't wait to go back again!  Although I would prefer sunshine next time!

I think he enjoyed himself!

He wore himself out!

Berry Farm

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Popsicle Fun

I am so excited that summer is rapidly approaching!  With summer just around the corner so are lots of summer fun firsts.  Although we did many first summer activities last year there are many more to do.  One of those was today, Jackson's first Popsicle!  He has had many licks and bites but with help.  Today I was  brave and let him have a whole Popsicle on his own.  So I stripped  him down to a diaper and headed to the backyard.  He was very excited with anticipation as he followed me outside.  At first he wasn't sure exactly how to hold it but he quickly figured it out.

Mother's Day Weekend

We kicked off Mother's Day weekend with doing a two day garage sale Friday and Saturday to get rid of some of the junk taking over our basement.   Saturday afternoon we headed to the Cardinals game thanks to some friends with extra tickets.  We were very excited being Jackson's first game!

He has a blast checking out all the people in the stands and cheering!  And of course the ball park food!  There was an empty seat next to us, so Jackson was able to have his very own seat. 

Then on Sunday we headed to the zoo with my mom and dad.  We got there early so we could catch the petting zoo and carousel for free.  

His favorites were the penguins as always!

After the zoo we headed to Fitz's Soda Bar and Grill for lunch.  Headed home for naps and finished off the day with a BBQ with our friends.  All in all it was a wonderful Mother's Day!  And next Saturday I will being enjoying an hour long massage from my boys.  I couldn't imagine life with out my little man.  I have the best job in the world being his mom and getting to spend everyday with him.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Years & Eight Months

7 years ago today a puppy was born in Florida.   A dad on a business vacation brought the puppy home to Charlotte, NC as a present for his kids.  Three months later he decided they could not take care of her and brought her to the Humane Society of Charlotte.  Six years and eight months ago a recent college graduate moved 13 hours from Cape Girardeau, MO to Charlotte, NC setting out for a new life experience.  She also wanted a companion living so far from home so she headed to the Humane Society.  This is when I fell in love with Maddie and we became a family.  She has been my greatest friend and confidant for the past almost seven years and we have been through a lot.  Seven moves, new roommates, boyfriends, new furniture, random animals moving in,  long car rides, long work trips, new family members and much more.  But in the end she loves the additions to our family.  She is completely a daddy’s girl and Jackson is her best friend.  So her is a tribute to my favorite little girl!  Happy Birthday Maddie!

Best Friends

Our Family