Life as we know it

Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Picking

Our Fall fun began today as we headed to Thierbach Orchards in Mathrasville for apple picking with our play group!

First we took a wagon ride out to the orchard.

Once we got to the orchard Jackson picked a few apples and mom picked the rest.   He enjoyed running under all the apple trees and finding all the apples on the ground!

Another short wagon ride back and then time to play.

Jackson’s friend trying her hardest to pull him for a ride!

The only posed picture I got him to take all day!

With all of his apples.
What will we make with all of these apples?

Busy Weekend Fun

This past weekend we had lots of fun activities to keep us busy!  We started out our busy Saturday morning heading to the local high schools Homecoming parade.  The parade takes place on the main street of our subdivision so we couldn’t pass it up!
Waiting patiently for the parade to get to him.

He preferred to watch the parade from this view!

Next up was picking up Jackson’s new big boy bed!
Do you think he likes it?

Then we finished our day off at one of Jackson’s friends 2nd birthday party princess style.IMG_6486IMG_6492
Can you tell what his favorite part was?

He also enjoyed the princess bean bag toss!

Early Sunday we headed to Farmington to celebrate grandpa’s 60th birthday.  We ate at Midway, one of our families favorite places to eat and then spent some quality time with the family. 
Jackson’s gift to grandpa.  The shirt was a gift from grammy and grandpa and is now too small for Jackson.  Now it can hang on the wall in grandpa’s shop!

Cousin love! 

After a very busy weekend with family and friends we are ready to get some rest!  We are also getting ready to start are very busy Fall and we can’t wait!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Tradition Continues!

10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes,
what grows inside, nobody knows!
Bottles, booties, diapers and pins,
This is where the fun begins!
Mommy can`t wait to share the joys,
Daddy can`t wait to share the toys!

It's a BOY!
As my hubby would say Manning's make boys!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How things change

When your kids are little you take so many sleeping baby pictures because they are just so darn cute!  As they get older I find that I take just as many sleeping pictures because they are too funny!







Flashback Fun

Recently my bed is Jackson’s favorite place to hang out!  And it got me to thinking how much Jackson loved to get tucked in my bed when he was just a little guy!  So I thought I would share.  

And Now

Chuck E Cheese

On this lovely rainy day we headed to Chuck E Cheese with our play group.  It was Jackson’s first time and he had a blast running around, riding all the rides, playing games, and of course eating pizza!  We rode more rides than playing games but we did get a few tickets and cashed them in for stickers.  He enjoyed skee ball but mom did most of the work.



The horse was his favorite!  We rode this many times!


Can’t wait to go back with dad!

Brookmount Park

This week we checked out a new park with our play group #17 on our Bucket List.  We have visited so many new parks this summer but have so much fun we forget to take pictures for the blog, otherwise we could have marked this off our list months ago.  I didn’t get many pictures but here are the few I did get. 




And a couple another mom in the group took.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rascals Game

Last night we decided to check out the local minor league baseball team and head to the Rascals game with friends.  This should have been on our Bucket List for the summer.  Can’t beat the $5 lawn seats and of course Kevin enjoyed the $1 beers as well.  Jackson had a great time and found lots to do.
Our great view!

Jackson really enjoyed the popcorn!

Dancing to the music.

Playing in the dirt.

Hanging out.
Making new friends.

Watching the game.

And after all night of trying to find the mascot the kids would not go near him! 
This is as close as he got.

What a great night with my boys and friends!  We can’t wait to go back again!